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Goal Digger is your all-in-one digital life coach, grounded in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and conversational hypnosis. This app doesn’t just remind you to act; it inspires you to succeed. It’s like Tony Robbins and a Swiss Army knife had a digital baby.
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In my 12 years as a certified hypnotist and devotee of self-improvement literature, nothing quite encompasses the holistic approach to productivity like Goal Digger. At its core, this app is designed to transform your phone from a distraction machine into a powerhouse of achievement. We’re not just talking simple Pomodoro timers; we’re talking Pomodoro timers with motivational cues that you’d expect to hear from Tim Ferriss or Brian Tracy.

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Once upon a time, there was a vision: to merge the brilliance of AI with the dynamism of human potential. That vision became our app.
Imagine an app grounded in 12 years of exploration into the mysteries of the mind, productivity, and success. We’ve curated those insights just for you.
As fans of self-improvement, we’ve poured our passion into every pixel. Here, your goals aren’t just dreams; they’re destinations.

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in-depth research into human potential and neuropsychology
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  • Your productivity isn’t just high; it’s astronomical.
  • Distractions are a relic of the past.
  • Every task completion feels like a mini victory celebration.
  • Good habits come naturally.
  • Your mind is clear, focused, and unburdened.

Dynamic Pomodoro Timer

Think time-management with an adrenaline rush.

Motivational To-Do Lists

Say goodbye to mundane lists; these are designed to propel you into action.

Reflective Journaling:

A space to strategize, introspect, and manifest your goals.

Tailored Task Reminders:

Never let an important task fall through the cracks.

Engaging Feedback Mechanism:

Celebrate every accomplishment, big or small.


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Utilizing the advanced GPT-4 algorithm, the app offers conversational guidance rooted in NLP and hypnosis, essentially becoming an AI-powered life coach in your pocket.

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You’re not just ticking off a to-do list; you’re ticking off milestones on your journey to a better you. Our app is more than a tool; it’s a companion in your pursuit of greatness. Through AI technology, personalized reminders, and mind-bendingly effective NLP techniques, we’re not just about doing more; we’re about being more





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